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arrowWe have made paper art in Mio crafts shop which was established in 1999 by Joung Meoung Suk. The shop has opening recently in Cork. There are selling handmade paper gifts and also students how to make them. The sheets of paper used to make these items are able to change colour and are suitable for wrapping gifts.

history lamp

We use the traditional handmade paper which is made specifically and solely in South Korea. This high-quality paper is made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree in the countryside, where the water supply is clean. There is also a selection of lamps which are made from the special paper with hand carved wooden bases.

We have some other items that are made of the same paper and a selection of other gift items from South Korea. We also have a few greeting cards and paper items from other countries. We have a large craft table set up in front of the shop where you can sit and work on your DIY craft kits which are also for sale in the shop. You can make your own jewellery boxes and a few other items like tissue cases and hand mirrors. Also we have a website which is



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    paper doll

arrow2100% paper handmade doll


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